AG视讯厅: [Colloquium] 粒子对撞机发展历史与展望(含CEPC)

报告人: 高杰,中国科学院高能物理研究所

AG视讯厅: [Colloquium] SCHEDULE

报告人: Physicists

AG视讯厅: [OSERC Seminars] Mini-seminars: Topological matter with classical light and quantum light

报告人: Fei Gao & Da-Wei Wang, Zhejiang University

AG视讯厅: [CMP Seminars] Global phase diagram of a spin-orbital Kondo impurity model and the suppression of Fermi-liquid scale

报告人: Yilin Wang, Brookhaven National Lab, Upton, New York

AG视讯厅: [CMP Seminars] Topological phases in graphene nanoribbons and substrate interaction effects

报告人: Fangzhou Zhao (Physics Department, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)