AG视讯厅:LLP Seminars

AG视讯厅: [LLP Seminars] Generation of Quasi-monoenergetic Protons by Laser Acceleration

报告人: Xi Shao,美国马里兰大学

AG视讯厅: [LLP Seminars] New routes to single attosecond pulses

报告人: J. Meyer-ter-Vehn1 1 Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics, D-85748 Garching, Germany

AG视讯厅: [LLP Seminars] Optical domain wall soliton in fiber lasers

报告人: Dingyuan Tang Professor Nanyang Technological University

AG视讯厅: [LLP Seminars] 激光驱动的惯性聚变:已有的以及近期提出的点火方案的物理基础

报告人: Stefano Atzeni Dipartimento di Energetica Professor University Bordeaux 1,Talence

AG视讯厅: [LLP Seminars] Can lasers lead to nuclear energy without radioactivity?

报告人: Heinrich Hora Professor University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia