AG视讯厅:CMP Seminars

AG视讯厅: [CMP Seminars] Strain effects in Fe-based superconducting thin film

报告人: Kazumasa Iida, Nagoya University

AG视讯厅: [CMP Seminars] Quantized signature of chiral Majorana fermions

报告人: Qing Lin He, University of California

AG视讯厅: [CMP Seminars] Two topics in p-wave superconductivity

报告人: Hans Hansson, Director of Norditaand Chaired Professor of Theoretical Physics at Stockholm University

AG视讯厅: [CMP Seminars] Spin transport studies in graphene and black phosphorus

报告人: Barbaros ?zyilmaz, National University of Singapore

AG视讯厅: [CMP Seminars] Ultra-Low Temperature Engineering and Its Applications in Physics: from Classical He-3 Research to Frontier Physics

报告人: Zuyu Zhao, Janis Research LLC