AG视讯厅:OSERC Seminars

AG视讯厅: [OSERC Seminars] Developments in integrated quantum photonics in the CUDOS Centre of Excellence

报告人: Michael Steel (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University, Australia)

AG视讯厅: [OSERC Seminars] Walking in the quantum wonderland

报告人: Prof. Jingbo Wang (The University of Western Australia)

AG视讯厅: [OSERC Seminars] Photonic Architecture for Long-Lived, Room-Temperature Bose-Einstein Condensation

报告人: 蒋建华,多伦多大学

AG视讯厅: [OSERC Seminars] Quantum state reconstruction with unknown detectors

报告人: Brian Smith 教授,牛津大学

AG视讯厅: [OSERC Seminars] Micro-/Nano-photonic devices for Nonlinear Photonics, Quantum Photonics, and Mechanical Photonics

报告人: Qiang Lin, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester