AG视讯厅:Joint Seminars

AG视讯厅: [Joint Seminars] Epitaxial thin film growth model and its numerical simulation

报告人: Cheng Wang, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

AG视讯厅: [Joint Seminars] Convergence of Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods for Some Cahn-Hilliard-Flow Models

报告人: Steven Wise, University of Tennessee

AG视讯厅: [Joint Seminars] What computational modeling can help the structural biologists?

报告人: Haiguang Liu, Beijing Computational Science Research Center & Center for Biophysics, Arizona State University

AG视讯厅: [Joint Seminars] Uniform Correlation Mixture of Multivariate Normal Distributions

报告人: Prof. Zhang Kai, Department of Statistics, University of North Carolina

AG视讯厅: [Joint Seminars] The Benjamin-Ono Equation in the Small Dispersion Limit

报告人: Peter Miller, University of Michigan