AG视讯厅: [交大科学前沿论坛] 大加速器:“上帝粒子”发现后的“中国梦”

报告人: 杨海军教授, AG视讯厅

AG视讯厅: [交大科学前沿论坛] 此曲只应天上有 —朱载堉与他的“新法密率”

报告人: 沈 灏 教授 AG视讯厅数学系

AG视讯厅: [交大科学前沿论坛] Ultrahigh Frequency Ultrasound and Its applications to Cellular Engineering

报告人: K. Kirk Shung, Dean’s Professor in Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California

AG视讯厅: [交大科学前沿论坛] Recent advances in CT

报告人: Dr. Bruno De Man,Manager of the CT Systems and Applications Laboratory and CT research portfolio leader for GE Global Research, USA

AG视讯厅: [交大科学前沿论坛] Size Dependent Band Gaps Of Quantum Dots -- What Is It Born For?

报告人: Dr. Jie Bao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology